Friday, February 22, 2008

I'm off to Iligan and Camiguin... I'll be Back in a Jiffy!

White Island overlooking the main island of Camiguin

I love long weekends! Because of this I'll be going to my favorite province, Camiguin, and to Iligan, the City of Majestic Waterfalls. This would be my 2nd time in Camiguin but 1st time in Iligan so I'm very excited.

My only regret in this upcoming trip is that I booked our Cagayan de Oro (CDO) tickets via Air Philippines (Air Phil) with their 30 something year-old Boeing 737-200 aircraft. I don't know what came to me to even consider buying an Air Phil ticket. In the first place Air Phil does not offer the very much sought after convenience of online booking of tickets so you have to buy your ticket at their offices or travel agents. Nowadays, I want to know if there's a travel agency which does not charge an additional 100 pesos (service fee) for each ticket per sector for domestic travel.

I don't know but I think in terms of aircraft age Air Philippines owns the most "senior" among Philippines-based jet aircraft. On another negative note, as compared with Cebu Pacific or Philippine Airlines, the timing of Air Phil's CDO flight is not good for leisure travelers who wants an early morning flight in and late afternoon flight out.

To make the long story story short... lesson learned. So next time I'll be going to Cagayan de Oro I'll see to it that I'll book a ticket with an airline operating a new, more environment friendly, good smelling airplanes.


Emmyrose said...

Kainggit naman, pwede bang sumama sa Camiguin?? I've never been there =)

Have a great time!

Ary said...

Im goin to Camaguin pretty soon!hahahaha(evil laugh)

tutubi philippines said...

camiguin, my fave isalnd destination

ian said...

hey carlo. hope your trip went well! glad to know you're jetset life got a boost due to this long weekend =] photos ha. ingat! [saludo]

dodong flores said...

Hi, Carlo! Looking forward for that travelogue about Iligan and Camiguin!

I missed Camiguin and would love to revisit the place in the near future...