Monday, December 29, 2008

Thursday, December 25, 2008

A Perfect Gift for Travelers and Would be Travelers

What a perfect gift for avid and would be avid travelers out there as for the 2nd time in Philippine history, Cebu Pacific Air is giving away ABSOLUTELY FREE tickets for all its DOMESTIC destinations for travel from February 1 to March 18. But I don't know what do they mean by the term "absolutely free" seats as I got mine for 56 pesos roundtrip. Regardless of that, I have no qualms whatsoever (a roundtrip ticket for just over $1). I just don't know whether this is the first of its kind in the world... an airline offering absolutely FREE seats not once but twice already.

For those who want to go shopping in Hong Kong or Bangkok, just pay a little over Php500 to Php 1,000 ($11-$21) for a roundtrip ticket in any of the airline's international destination except Osaka, Japan.

So much for the blabber... just go to the official Cebu Pacific Air website to confirm the authenticity of this very good news.

Merry Christmas to all!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas to All!!!

I want to greet my fellow bloggers and loyal readers a very meaningful and enjoyable Christmas!!!

Thursday, December 18, 2008


For many, they don't know whether they are a tourist or a traveler in a particular place or country. Is there a difference? In the first place, you are a traveler if you can distinguish the difference between the 2 words. The following are not a scientific criteria as they are just pointers which will in the end might label you as a traveler or a tourist. There is nothing wrong to be labeled as a tourist or a traveler.

I compiled a number of articles and comments from forums, blogs and magazine articles regarding this very trivial matter. It looks like the debate on this issue is still on-going for quite some time now. As for me, I enjoy being a tourist and enjoy more being a traveler. What's the difference? You figure it out for yourself because I don't want to label anyone as this or that and then pat myself on the back for being open-minded, anyway the following criteria are self-explanatory. There's nothing wrong to be labeled as a traveler or just a tourist as it is a matter of preference. This is a free planet, do whatever morally right and legal all you want, including labeling yourself as a traveler or a tourist.
  • Locals like the waiters serving your breakfasts and taxi drivers would definitely prefer big spending tourists rather than seeing a flock of travelers. Explanation: Locals always prefer a bus full of Japanese tourists than a Boeing 747 full of backpackers.
  • One traveler said that if you go to another country, sit in your hotel the whole time, maybe only leave it to go and eat at a restaurant that is themed for foreign visitors to seem like you have never left your own country and if you never even interact with any locals in a destination, then it could not be called as TRAVEL
  • Tourists ditch the backpack and instead prefer those bags with wheels that you can easily drag from the airport up to your hotel/resort/motel/hostel. When you open a tourist's bag you can smell perfumes which were all bought from the Duty Free shop unlike a traveler's bag which emits a spicy scent of clothes that haven't been washed for days or even weeks.
  • Few tourists go traveling alone while backpacking travelers often vagabond solo. For a start, luxury hotels would be charging extra for a single supplement.
  • There is an irony in the sense that the "self-labeled" traveler begins to define himself against the habits of a tourist. Some judge it by how meager the lodgings or how low the budget rather than a personal navigation of the transformative experience.
  • It is sad to know that tourists are looked down on by travelers, but to an expat there is no difference between the two. But to a local, an expat may as well be an extended tourist.
According to travel writer Rolf Potts "The tourist/traveler distinction has largely degenerated into a cliquish sort of fashion dichotomy: Instead of seeking the challenges that mindful travel requires, we can simply point to a few stereotypical ‘tourists’, make some jokes at their expense, and consider ourselves ‘travelers’ by default.”

So now, are you a traveler or a tourist?

Sunday, December 14, 2008

I'm Here in Cebu... I'll be Back in a Jiffy!

This is the 2nd to the last of my series of absolutely FREE tickets because of the generosity of Cebu Pacific Air. To end my traveling spree in a high note, me and my family are now booked in a 2-bedroom suite at Waterfront Hotel & Casino in Lahug, Cebu City also for FREE including FREE buffet daily breakfasts and FREE airport transfers. Sorry, I am not at liberty to disclose here in my blog why are we not going to pay for our stay in the said hotel :) All I can say is that I am very thankful for the generous offer given to us.

This is my 4th time to be in Cebu this year. The Queen City of the south is not actually my top or even second favorite city or province here in the Philippines but I find it very appealing as you can do and find anything like what other big cities offer plus it has also the charm and all what you look for in a province. Beautiful white sand beaches are just minutes away from the city plus there are many islands accessible by small boats which rival the top beach destinations here in the Philippines.

I only hope that Cebu Pacific will win more awards or be the #1 domestic airline again in the Philippines they will again think to have another round of "absolutely free seats." For those who missed it or didn't hear about that very good news, Cebu Pacific offered through its website 50,000 seats last September 19-21 which you will only pay 0.00 pesos.

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Friday, December 12, 2008

Why I Want (and love) to Travel

There is an unexplained jovial ecstatic animated feeling that build the foundation of most successful travel stories shared with friends, family and strangers. My friends are always asking me why I enjoy traveling. First thing first, traveling is quite addictive so by just saying that I don't need to explain my point further. Nevertheless, for the next paragraphs I will share to you some of my most frequent response to my friends who are curious to know the hidden joys and pains of traveling.

1. Believe it or not, traveling is cheaper than what most people think

If you know very well when, where and how to go to a certain place through persistent research then you will save not only money during your travel but also you will save time asking strangers for directions and it may also save your life as you will find out what to do and not to do in a particular place. Like a boy scout, you should always be prepared in case there is a seat sale being offered by an airline or room discounts being offered by a hotel or resort. I already experienced traveling outside the country in a 5-star flag carrier (as accredited by Skytrax) for just the same price of a low-cost carrier ticket going to Davao (no it's not Philippine Airlines as it is only a 3-star airline according to Skytrax). I am not just being lucky as I availed it again for my April 2009 travel for Cambodia. If you don't look for a bargain then you will never find one. In other words, if you patiently look for it you will find it.

2. I love learning new and exciting cultures.

This is the most common answer on why people want to travel. Well, it is 100% true. New place, new culture, new experience, new life lessons.

3. Eat anything exotic for your taste without thinking about your diet and counting calories

It's so passe saying that what is exotic to you may be just ordinary to others. For me, ordinary or exotic is just one and the same. If it looks good, just eat it.

4. I want to see new things

Duh! As very obvious as it seems, almost everyone travel to see new places. I love tall buildings, I love beaches, I love mountains, I love temples... see my point?

5. Traveling made me a better person

Traveling made me appreciate the culture and beliefs of other people. I gained many friends who are Muslims, Buddhists and even an atheist. After hearing many negative adjectives about a place I still got what I want and I never had a moment that made me think twice not to go to a certain place. Through traveling I learned that most people are wrong to think that Mindanao is not safe. "Certain parts" of Mindanao are not safe for tourists but not Mindanao itself. Zamboanga and Basilan here I come! (not until next year)

Friday, December 5, 2008

I'm Off to Bicol... I'll be Back in a Jiffy!

at the tarmac of the most picturesque airport in the country

This time I will be traveling with my family together with our househelp to Legaspi City, Albay through the generosity of Cebu Pacific Air. Our househelp is now very excited because this will be her first time to ride an airplane. We will be in Bicol for just 2 days so we should make the most out of our short stay.

We have no concrete plans yet. One thing is for sure, we will watch the "boxing match of the century" between our very own Manny Pacquiao and Oscar "Golden Boy" de la Hoya of Mexico from early in the morning of Sunday up to maybe past noon (I think the match would not be that long but you know how the number of TV commercials exponentially rise whenever Pacquiao has a fight). After the fight we plan to go to Tiwi Hot Spring or go island hopping. After that it would be just a spontaneous decision where to go or what to do...

Have a great weekend everybody!