Friday, December 12, 2008

Why I Want (and love) to Travel

There is an unexplained jovial ecstatic animated feeling that build the foundation of most successful travel stories shared with friends, family and strangers. My friends are always asking me why I enjoy traveling. First thing first, traveling is quite addictive so by just saying that I don't need to explain my point further. Nevertheless, for the next paragraphs I will share to you some of my most frequent response to my friends who are curious to know the hidden joys and pains of traveling.

1. Believe it or not, traveling is cheaper than what most people think

If you know very well when, where and how to go to a certain place through persistent research then you will save not only money during your travel but also you will save time asking strangers for directions and it may also save your life as you will find out what to do and not to do in a particular place. Like a boy scout, you should always be prepared in case there is a seat sale being offered by an airline or room discounts being offered by a hotel or resort. I already experienced traveling outside the country in a 5-star flag carrier (as accredited by Skytrax) for just the same price of a low-cost carrier ticket going to Davao (no it's not Philippine Airlines as it is only a 3-star airline according to Skytrax). I am not just being lucky as I availed it again for my April 2009 travel for Cambodia. If you don't look for a bargain then you will never find one. In other words, if you patiently look for it you will find it.

2. I love learning new and exciting cultures.

This is the most common answer on why people want to travel. Well, it is 100% true. New place, new culture, new experience, new life lessons.

3. Eat anything exotic for your taste without thinking about your diet and counting calories

It's so passe saying that what is exotic to you may be just ordinary to others. For me, ordinary or exotic is just one and the same. If it looks good, just eat it.

4. I want to see new things

Duh! As very obvious as it seems, almost everyone travel to see new places. I love tall buildings, I love beaches, I love mountains, I love temples... see my point?

5. Traveling made me a better person

Traveling made me appreciate the culture and beliefs of other people. I gained many friends who are Muslims, Buddhists and even an atheist. After hearing many negative adjectives about a place I still got what I want and I never had a moment that made me think twice not to go to a certain place. Through traveling I learned that most people are wrong to think that Mindanao is not safe. "Certain parts" of Mindanao are not safe for tourists but not Mindanao itself. Zamboanga and Basilan here I come! (not until next year)


the donG said...

"Believe it or not, traveling is cheaper than what most people think">>> i strongly agree on this. if they only knew it.

and the last reason will definitely be the best. it's good that you find really good reasons to travel.

enjoy and looking forward to your zamboanga-basilan trip. thatll be exciting.

dyosa said...

Traveling widens a person's perspective on a lot of things- be it about friendship, religion, culture, architecture, lifestyle, money/riches, environment and animals among others. A lot of people think that traveling is a waste of time, effort and most especially money. Being the passionate travelers that we are, we know that time is wasted if we won't see the world, efforts will be put to nonsense use if we won't do something to know more about our planet & ourselves, money is nothing if we won't use them to TRAVEL. :-D

ROSILIE said...

Ganda naman! I always want to travel and meet new friends and try new experience and adventure. We cant wait to travel abroad but budget is always the issue. Thanks then for your cost-saving- travel tips. Take care my dearest friend and dont get hurt as you have fun.

eli said...

yeah... aside from meeting new people and seeing places, traveling give as new experiences -feel and experience different culture and tradition-and even make our simple life meaningful.
minsan may nagsabi sa akin, kapag lagi kang naglalakbay, at mamatay at the age of 40 or even lower, daig mo ang taong nabuhay ng 100 years na hindi kailan man naglakbay! dahil masmarami kang experiences, masmadami kang kwento... masmalayo ang narating mo.

o2 nga eh. nadala ako ng victory ni pacman! cguro nagawa ko ito bilang tanda ng pagsaludo ko sa kanya! kailangang sumikat?! kahit hindi ka sikat pwede kitang igawa. ano ba ang type mo? picture mo o something na kakaiba?

Mitz said...

i love travelling! i agree with you in most of your points. only one thing intrigued me though. grabe ka pala kumuha ng travel deals. pashare naman ng tips dyan! :)

marites1034 said...

aha! parang ako ang nagsabi nito ah:) but yes, there's so much more than travelling than meets the eye and the proverbial dirty laundry:) have fun travelling always!

Walking on Water said...

i definitely agree! once you try it, you can't help but get hooked. they say traveling is the best teacher. and indeed, you learn best when you become part of something new. =)