Thursday, December 25, 2008

A Perfect Gift for Travelers and Would be Travelers

What a perfect gift for avid and would be avid travelers out there as for the 2nd time in Philippine history, Cebu Pacific Air is giving away ABSOLUTELY FREE tickets for all its DOMESTIC destinations for travel from February 1 to March 18. But I don't know what do they mean by the term "absolutely free" seats as I got mine for 56 pesos roundtrip. Regardless of that, I have no qualms whatsoever (a roundtrip ticket for just over $1). I just don't know whether this is the first of its kind in the world... an airline offering absolutely FREE seats not once but twice already.

For those who want to go shopping in Hong Kong or Bangkok, just pay a little over Php500 to Php 1,000 ($11-$21) for a roundtrip ticket in any of the airline's international destination except Osaka, Japan.

So much for the blabber... just go to the official Cebu Pacific Air website to confirm the authenticity of this very good news.

Merry Christmas to all!


Lawstude said...

Good News indeed. Merry Christmas again Carlo.

Trent said...

Merry Christmas!

the donG said...

one great news! but poor me as i didnt had any successful confirmed trip. my mom did though.

the donG said...

maraming maraming salamat nga pala for informing. just buzz me although i subscribed in their email notifications, i dont check my email regularly.

salamat carlo.