Friday, August 22, 2008

More Philippines-Thailand Flights to Come

Air Traffic at the Diosdado Macapagal International Airport (DMIA), more popularly known as Clark Airport, is expected to boost further after a successful Philippines-Thailand Air Talks where Clark got 8,600 seats. Thailand will get reciprocal seat entitlements of 8,600 for the Clark route, bringing the total number of seat entitlements to 17,200 seats weekly.

Part of the air deal, cargo capacity at DMIA will be boosted from zero to 700 tons weekly, adding that there was no limitation on airline designation. The air agreement also allowed other carriers not limited to Clark. Manila airports got 5,400 seats from 2,930 with cargo allocation of 300 tons from more than 200 previously.

Other airports outside Clark and Metro Manila were given allocations of 2,110 seats from their previous 850 seats.

Low-cost carrier Cebu Pacific is also planning to operate other destinations in Clark, which includes Macau, Singapore and Taiwan making the former U.S. facility as their hub in the Northern Luzon area.

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the donG said...

yes to more cheap flights!

Anonymous said...

sana meron na ring flights from pinas to cambodia.. weee

kegler747 said...

@ the dong: Amen to that!

kegler747 said...

@ carlota: OO nga eh pero mukhang malabo mangyari kse mukhang di mapupuno ang eroplano sa baba ng demand.

Anonymous said...

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