Friday, March 13, 2009

I'm Off to Dakak... I'll be Back in a Jiffy!

photos taken from Dakak's official website

It's summer! A number of surveys said that the #1 activity of Filipinos during the dry season is going to a beach with family, friends or both. Dakak Beach Resort near the city of Dapitan in Zamboanga del Norte is quite famous in the 1990's as it hosted a batch of Miss Universe beauties way back in 1994 when Manila hosted that prestigious beauty pageant. When I told my friends that I will go to Dakak most of them asked me if it still exists. Well, in the first place, would I go to an imaginary place like Neverland or the Atlantis? hehehe.

I can't say anything more about the beach resort as it would be my first time to go there. I don't really believe in what a brochure says as it is often sugar coated with adjectives that men use to court women. Anyway, here it is: (according to the official website of the resort)

"A timeless experience.........Imagine strolling on a pristine powdery white sand beach... looking across a beautifully shaped island cove stretching out to deeper blue waters. . .picture gazing a sunset horizon while lying on a hammock set under lush native trees, hearing the waves clash quietly against the shore. . . .only a few relaxing pleasure we have to offer.

Our resort boasts of 15 hectares of wooded land, a natural reservoir for native plants and animals, providing the ideal setting for a 750-meter private beach blanketed with powdery white sand.

Natural spring water and tumbling waterfalls feed our resort's two pools, whilst providing the ultimate hideaway at a private open air Jacuzzi where you can relax in the sauna and whirlpool amidst an atmosphere of blissful solitary refinement.

Entertainment and culinary treats abound as well. Dine on freshly grilled seafoods, sample exotic Filipino dishes, continental cuisine and feast on an array of fresh fruits. Be treated to a cultural show or party the night away at Dakak Pirates bar or Fusion Disco.

Get the family involved in a group sport! Whether it be bowling, billiards, tennis, basketball or golf we're the resort that has it all.


Marge said...

Very descriptive...that quote from the brochure...hehehhe.

But I'd rather read about your would-be experience of the place...that would be quite objective and interesting.

Prove if the brochure speaks the truth...

ROSILIE said...

I went to Dakak once! The place is just so enchanting!!!

You should bring your gf there next time!hehehehh!

Take care our dearest friend!

Reena said...

oo nga...buhay pa pala tong place na to? :) we'll wait for your posts...

dyosa said...

Wow, Dakak! Let us know how your travel went ha. :-)

the donG said...

i remember back in 1996 when i first get there. i dont like much the beach but what i like most is the huge resort area and its location.

Christine said...

Have fun friend just went to Dakak last Feb..ganda nga daw talaga.. :) I'll wait for your updates. :)

Marites said...

Haven't heard much of DAkak and I thought it's not that pretty:) nice to see you wre able to take photos.