Monday, June 1, 2009

Way-to-Go Promo Fares from Philippine Airlines

It may be the start of the lean season for the Philippine travel industry so expect many promotions from airlines, hotels, resorts and other travel-related businesses. What a way to kick-off the lean season with this promotion from Philippine Airlines (PAL) which is valid for ticketing up to June 5 only.

The prices below are for roundtrip travel (economy class) originating in Manila:

$98 - Hong Kong, Macau, Taipei
$118 - Bangkok, Singapore, Ho Chi Minh
$148/$168 - Jakarta
$178 - Shanghai
$188 - Osaka
$198 - Beijing
$228 - Fukuoka, Nagoya
$468 - Sydney, Melbourne, Honolulu
$668 - Vancouver, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Francisco

Prices listed above are inclusive of surcharges and exclusive of government taxes and other fees that are to be collected at the airport (terminal fee & travel tax).
APPLICATION: * Valid for round trip travel on economy class.
TRANSPACIFIC * Valid for outbound travel from 01 SEP 09 through 25 DEC 09
REGIONALS * Valid for outbound travel from 01 JUL 09 through 30 NOV 09.

For more information about this promotion visit PAL's website or call your favorite travel agent.


the donG said...

yihaa! more more promos.

dodong flores said...

Wow! If only I have the convenience of time to travel...

Lawstude said...

wow. all i need now is a visa lol.