Sunday, May 13, 2012

Bacolod City: Mambukal Mountain Resort

If you want to see 7 waterfalls in just 2 hours worth of hiking then this is the place that you should go whenever you visit Bacolod City. Mambukal is only an hour away from the city and it is a very popular summer getaway for city dwellers because of its cool climate. The hike from the 1st to 6th falls is tolerable even for beginners but the real challenge begins when you started to hike to the waterfalls #7. You can only take a dip on the 6th and 7th falls and it is best to go there with a guide. The guide asked for PHP200 pesos to accompany us up to the 7th falls and back to the resort. He carried my backpack so I gave him additional PHP100.

The mountain resort also has a sulfur pool which is too hot to take a dip in and the stench could be unbearable as we all know that sulfur smells like rotten eggs. There's also a hot spring and its quite popular to visitors. Other activities being offered at Mambukal are canopy walk, zip line, wall climbing and boating.

I highly recommend this place for nature lovers who don't want to go far from Bacolod.

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Orville said...

nice place to visit. nature trip! =D

kegler747 said...

I agree! I love Bacolod ;)