Thursday, June 21, 2012

Zamboanga City: Fort Pilar

This fort was originally constructed as an outpost of the Spanish armed forces to drive away pirates. Presently, Fort Pilar is more of a worship place for Roman Catholics, specifically devotees of the Virgin Mary.

I would say that Zamboanga City is really a melting pot of different cultures as you can visit this Marian shrine which is just a stone throw's away from a very popular Muslim Village called Rio Hondo and this fort is also near to a Muslim mosque so even when there's a mass being celebrated here you can hear a Muslim call for prayers coming from the loudspeakers of the mosque.

Aside from those ubiquitous tricycles, jeepneys go directly or end their routes in Fort Pilar so going there is not a problem wherever you are in the city. Outside the fort you will see many vendors selling religious article, souvenirs and snacks.

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