Monday, June 30, 2008

I Conquered the RIDICULOUS Challenge!

There's a new burger resto aptly called Burger Avenue at the Antel Life Style City along Makati Avenue. For those who are burger fanatic or just love to eat, you will be so happy they have an eating challenge called the Ridiculous Challenge. To make the long story short, I conquered the challenge with flying colors. My picture is now among the few displayed at their bulletin board who also conquered the challenge of eating the humongous burger in less than 5 minutes. Maybe I will not eat any beef products for a week as even more than 6 hours had past I can still taste the flavor of the beef. On the bright side, because of that challenge my lunch today was free, hehehe.

Here are the mechanics (taken from an article posted by Beatriz Acosta at You will find also the photographs I used here in that article):

" Make your way to the counter and order yourself a Ridiculous Burger (P200+) - three big, thick, juicy patties in one burger. This burger is actually a steal at 200 pesos - most burger joints offer the same price just for one patty with a sauce of your choice. Now, back to the burger. It is ridiculous and action-packed with its three all-beef patties, a hefty stuffing of lettuce and tomatoes. And to top it all off, three slices of cheese."

"Just inform the people at the counter that you are taking on the Ridiculous Challenge, and they will whip up their timer. Finish the burger within five minutes, ring the bell, and you get a full refund! Yep, a free burger if you can chomp on it before the time is up. And before you go on exclaiming, "That's ridiculous!", it sort of is not, as a good and growing number of people have triumphed over the huge burgers. Burger Avenue has a 'Hall of Fame' of sorts on their wall. They've got photos of the people who gobbled up the burgers in record time, proving that indeed, you can do it!"

My winning pictures
...with 38 seconds more to spare

So what are you waiting for? Go there and beat my record, I'm sure it is not the best time so it is really viable specially for buffet fanatics. Believe me, after eating that burger there's still room left for dessert :-)


J@n!ce said...

Carlo, is there a huge crowd going for the challenge? This looks really interesting. I wouldn't know where to start my first bite... LOL :)

Anonymous said...

congratulations... i dont think i can beat your record but i'll always have a room for desserts.. speaking of which, i'm going to meet a couchsurfing couple from france this sunday and i'm going to introduce to them one of my favorite dessert, halo-halo.. olala..

the donG said...

wow! astig ah! sige try ko din yan. parang kaya naman ata. kaya lang kailangan kong talunin ang record mo. pressure to sa akin.

Lawstude said...

ang galing naman. parang di ko yata kaya yan ah kasi di ako mahilig sa burger pero i guess its worth the try lalo na pag free naman lols.

kegler747 said...

@ Janice: I too were confused first when I opened the wrapper, hahaha! :)

kegler747 said...

@ carlota: Enjoy your time with your guests :)

kegler747 said...

@ lawstude: Sulit parin ang 224 pesos khit di mo maubos :)