Friday, June 27, 2008

Philippine Airlines vs. Cebu Pacific vs. Air Philippines

The beauty of competition is that the consumers have a choice and normally prices will go down due to the concept of demand & supply. The three leading local airlines Cebu Pacific, Air Philippines and Philippine Airlines are now head-to-head to capture filler seats for the lean season from July up to mid-October as they currently have a seat sale for their domestic destinations.

Cebu Pacific
- as low as Php699 one-way for its Luzon destinations. Available for online purchase.

Air Philippines
- Same banana but they are more "wise" as you will buy a ticket as low as Php1,398 one-way but your return trip is as they say it "Free." Not available for online purchase.

Philippine Airlines
- Same concept as with Air Philippines, just add a few hundreds of pesos. Not available for online purchase.

All the 3 airlines now include all the surcharges and taxes in their advertised promo fare. So now the choice is yours. It will now come to which airline you prefer if you have a brand loyalty to any of them. If you ask me, I will only choose either Cebu Pacific or Philippine Airlines depending on the schedule of their flights to my chosen destination. An advantage of choosing Cebu Pacific is that it lets you to book its promo fare online unlike the other two airlines.

For reservations and if you have questions please call:
Cebu Pacific Air - (02) 702-0888
Air Philippines - (02) 855-9000
Philippine Airlines - (02) 855-8888


Anonymous said...

i'm a cebu pacific loyalista.. weeeee..

the donG said...

thanks to this! galing naman at pinakita mo ang comparison.

i still prefer PAL but Cebu Pacific and Air Phil has always been a good option.

pasalamat na rin at sinasama na ang ibang charges. kapagod kasing mag assume. hehehe...

kegler747 said...

@ carlota: I'll be a Cebu Pacific loyalist also if they improve their on-time reliability. PAL is now the leader among local airlines in terms of being on-time.

kegler747 said...

@ the dong: As much as possible I don't want to fly Air Philippines if given a choice.

oliboy said...