Thursday, July 10, 2008

Asian Spirit Sale

It's time that local carrier Asian Spirit join the seat sale bandwagon for the lean season. Lately, all I am posting here in my blog is the promotions from Cebu Pacific Air, Philippine Airlines and Air Philippines. I commend the humble efforts of Asian Spirit for serving the secondary and even some tertiary air routes in our nation of 7,107 islands that big airlines try to stay away. And now, I am even happier that they announced a seat sale which also now includes all applicable taxes and surcharges. As usual, you still have to pay for the terminal fee in respective airports.

For as low as 989 pesos you will be on your way to for a holiday in Palawan or other destinations in Bicol and the Visayas region starting today up to October 15. The seat sale will be only available up to July 20.

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