Thursday, July 24, 2008

Filipino Food... Globally Palatable?

I love to travel and I love to eat. Those were already given as I own a travel blog and you can see the evidence in my pictures here that eating is my pastime. Whenever I travel somewhere here in the Philippines or abroad I always want to try the local delicacies from local fastfoods or restaurants.

I have only one observation in my travels abroad. Why is that Filipino restaurants are not that popular against at least with other Southeast Asian food fares like Thai, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Singaporean and Malaysian? Here in Manila one can find in every mall Thai and Vietnamese restaurants. But in my travels around the region I haven't yet seen a Filipino restaurant eventhough I know that they exist somewhere. My point is Filipino restaurants exist in Bangkok, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur etc. but they are not that popular among non-Filipinos as most of them are targeting the expat Filipino community.

Even celebrity chefs from the U.S., Britain and Australia features Thai, Vietnamese, Singaporean and Malaysian recipes in their TV shows. I'm pretty sure Jamie Oliver, Nigella Lawson, Anthony Bourdain and Bobby Chin all featured at least one dish from our neighbors in Southeast Asia in their own cable TV shows.

I have my hunch why Filipino foods are not that popular among non-Filipinos but I want your theory first before I give mine... Feel free to leave a comment here.


Lawstude said...

our meals are mere fusions. nothing original, really.

although they like our adobo, some says laging may kulang sa lasa ng pinoy foods. not too spicy. not too sweet. not too sour. walang extreme trademark like other foreign cuisine.

the donG said...

medyo exotic kasi yung iba nating pagkain at may point si lawstude. yung karamihan fusions na lang.

yung halo halo (hindi nga lang pagkain) ba ay unique sa pinas?

caryn said...

one of my theories is that our food is so halo-halo. its chapsuey; it's european, american and asian all at the same time. that's why sometimes it pales in comparison to our more flavorful SEasian neighbors.

but i still love it ;-)

travelphilippines said...

hayy oo matagal ko na rin itong pinagtataka well maybe masarap ang mga food ntn but nothing exotic or diff about it kungbaga sa mga pinapadala ntn sa miss u wlang ex factor hehe.

grumpyurbanslacker said...

i agree with the other pips above. Pinoy food is not really that distinctive....lechon is also found in other countries, etc. And its mostly meat-based kasi. I guess only thing that's out-of-ordinary are balut and dinuguan, and frankly, not everyone likes these things.

art liwanag said...

ang pangunahing problema kaya di mapansin ang ating katutubonf pagkain ay dahil sa inyong mga pilipino na walang bilib sa kultura nyo. Wala man lang kayong masabing maganda tungkol sa pagkaing pilipino. Ang fusion ay dala ng ating masalimuot na history at yan ay hindi masama...AT BAKIT NAMAN PURO ADOBO LANG ay inyong nababangit. ano ba ang masama sa ating sinigang kumpara sa malaysian singang at tom yum kung ng Thailand. At meron din tayong papaitan, bicol express at sisig at ang ating walang kamatayang litson. Ang pansit palabok at malabon ay walang katulad sa buong mundo.....naku mga totoy maraming masarap na pagakaing pilipino kayo lang ang di bilib

art liwanag said...

Ang naiisip nyo lang na pagkain aya ang mga minana natin sa mga sumakop sa atin maraming katutubong pagkaing pilipino

bico; express (may local name yan di ko lang maisip)
Poke poke
kare kare (tunay na south east asian yan)