Monday, June 11, 2012

Silay City: Balay Negrense

This museum/ancestral house is in the same city as with the airport so this is the nearest tourist spot that you can visit from the Silay-Bacolod Airport. It is interesting to see and feel how the hacienderos (sugar barons) lives during the early 20th century. The owner of this house is the pioneer of sugarcane cultivation in the province so it only shows that they live very comfortably. You will see the house's original furniture and decorations so even there is no cordon separating visitors from the different parts of the house you should not touch any of the antique items on display.

It is good to know that despite this house seeing the rising and setting of the sun for three different centuries it is still well maintained and it looks like it will last for another hundred years. Well I guess you can't put a sturdy stone-house down.

From the city center of Silay you could find tricycles which can take you to this museum. You should only pay the minimum fare as regulated by the local government.

At the lower level of the house you will find an art gallery displaying the craft and works of the local artists which some works are available for sale.


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Orville said...

interesting place :)

bmaylove said...

been there last week! ;)