Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Camiguin Fanatic

Camiguin is an island most Filipinos heard of but never been to. When i got the chance to go to Camiguin I don't know what to expect because i just know that it is an island north of Mindanao main island.
The island province with just an area of about 29,000 hectares has 7 volcanoes, yet it is inhabited by more than 75,000 people who must feel safe sleeping on top of a natural bomb. Whaaaat? Yes, beacause the island is a PARADISE! Must be worth it.
People think that it is just an alternative to Boracay, Bohol, Palawan and other beach destinations. That island province has it own charms and wonders. It boasts of a hot spring (Ardent Hot Spring) which is 15 mins. away from a cold spring (Sto. Nino) which is 10 mins. away from a waterfalls (Katibawasan Falls) which is 20 mins. away from the "sunken cemetery" which is 10 mins. to another hot spring which is 20 mins. by boat from a white beach that is actually a sand bar. Yes, all of those are near to each other. Cool!!! You have to go to several provinces to experience all that but not in Camiguin as they are all rolled into 1 small island.
It also owns the world record of the most number of volcanoes as per square kilometer in an island. Hiking enthusiasts may traverse its numerous trails. One can travel its circumferencial road in just 1 hr. through a motorbike which is available for rent for only 500 pesos per day.
One should never leave Camiguin without tasting the yummy Pastel (a small bread filled with a sinful and calorie laden yema) available at Vjandep Bakery.
To get to Camiguin from Manila:
1. Fly in to Cagayan de Oro (1.5 hr via Philippine Airlines or Cebu Pacific or Air Philippines)
2. Bus from Agora Bus Stn to Balingoan pier
3. Ferry from Balingoan to Benoni town
4. Multicab, jeep or van from Benoni to your accomodation


grumpyurbanslacker said...


thanx for commenting at my blog!

your post about Camiguin is quite interesting! it just so happened a friend of mine told me 2 days ago that we should go here.....i didn't have any idea where Camiguin is....confused it with Guimaras!! Haha.

Pero i've eaten that Pastel a couple of times, and it is wonderful.

so if i'm going to Camiguin, how many days should i allot?

keep it up,

kegler747 said...

I encourage u and your friend to visit Camiguin. If you are in a hurry u can see all its attractions in 24 hrs. as it is just a small island. The best way to enjoy Camiguin is to forget time so i recommend 2-3 days.

Happy traveling!