Thursday, August 2, 2007

Problems When Traveling... And How to Deal With Them

One can bear in mind these very easy tips to follow for a worry free travel even when circumstances are not on your side. The following are according to one travel blogger:
  • When it rains: play games, visit museums and galleries, take an umbrella and go out anyway
  • When the tourists are swarming: get out earlier, laugh it off, make friends, or get off the beaten track
  • When the hawkers are in your face selling t-shirts: politely but firmly decline (unless you want one) and move on
  • When the coveted cafe or nook has clearly been bulldozed for a shopping complex: shrug and seek out some other local haunts
  • When the place just doesn’t look like the postcards/guidebook promised: lighten up. Try and ‘discover’ things rather than visiting all the usual suspects
  • When you get sick: Don’t push through it; give in, look after yourself and cross your fingers it’s a 24-hour thing.
  • You get robbed: Report it to the police, keep safe, try and keep going. Don’t let it be your only holiday memory.
Any more problems you can think of? Post it in the comment section below. Thanks

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LifeByYourHand said...

Hi Carlo, I try coment to your blog / post
Nice post

Ary said...

Cool tips!;p

gorjess said...

hmmmm what about ghost in your hotel room?

kegler747 said...

@ gorjess: i guess, just always bring holy water :) and of course don't forget to pray.

ian said...

tips, rather than problems:

be careful where you have your money changed. count it well and be wary of scams.

know the location or at least the contact details of the Philippine embassy/ consulate in the city you will be in.

have at least one set of the facsimile/photocopy of your important documents, eg passport, seminar invitation, IDs, etc.

try online check-in for your flights- save you time and you can get the better seats...

kegler747 said...

@ ian: Very well said :)

jhay said...

I'd be sure to remember this when I fly to Davao this summer. :D

Btw, I'm tagging you for the 8 random tags meme :D

kneeko said...

thanks for sharing the tips... ayos ah

THE ANiTOKiD said...

Congratulations bro on the feature at The Rising Blogger! Am very proud of you! Am really, really, really proud! And I kid you not!

Novice Blogger said...

Haha! Natawa ako sa holy water and hotel. Tips ko siguro dalawa. Isa, bring a book habang naghihintay ka ng flight mo sa airport. Tas pangalawa, flirt with flight attendants and receptionists. Otherwise, be contented with ogling. Hehe.

Tinag din pala kita. :)

kegler747 said...

@ anitokid: thanks so much for the very kind words! it inspires me more to blog more regularly

@ novice blogger: Good tips... I hope when you flirt with flight attendants it would not backfire on you :) Remember they are directly involve in serving your food & drinks :) hehehe

Novice Blogger said...


And hat tip to you too for "The Post of the Day" award. Cheers!

kegler747 said...

@ novice blogger: Thank you!

dodongflores said...

Cool tips. I'd like to make a print out of it and put into my back pack as reminder :)