Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Last Minute Travel Tips

photo taken from www.engrish.com

I'm now back from my Malaysia trip. After observing my travel habits including those of my fellow passengers I want to share to my readers this indispensable tips to make your hundred or thousand miles journey hassle free and without inconveniencing other travellers.

Before going to the airport:

*Always have a blue or black in pen handy to sign immigration declaration forms and other documents.

*Remember to lock every single zipper in your bag. When packing, to get fewer wrinkles on your clothes, roll them! Particularly shirts and they also allow you to add more stuff into your luggage. Oprah even does it.

*After all the bomb scares around the world, make sure you don’t bring in any liquid on your hand luggage to avoid inconvenience. (You could bring a certain regulated amount but it is better just to put it on your checked luggage).

*Dress light but bring a jacket just in case you can’t stand the cold temperature inside an aircraft. Don’t overdress unless of course your final destination is Japan. And finally, don’t wear clothes with metallic objects as you will regret it after going through countless security checks.

*Bring extra clothes on your carry-on to freshen up and just in case your flight will be delayed forever and you don’t have access to your luggage anymore.

*Remember PLMT -- passport, luggage, money, ticket

At the airport:

*Be aware if the airport where you will be departing requires you to pay anything like travel taxes or terminal fees. Most airports wouldn't charge you anymore for those taxes as it is already incorporated in your ticket except Manila, Saigon and Bangkok to name a few.

*Carry less hand luggage as much as possible especially when transiting to different airports.

*If you don’t want to use your credit card abroad always have an extra U$20 in your wallet even after your trip. Just in case you get stuck in an airport even if your bag you got in London looks great... it's not worth it if you're starving and lost in a 10 hour layover in an unfamiliar airport. There’s an exemption: Singapore Changi International Airport – where else would you look forward to being delayed.

Inside an aircraft:

*For the millionth time, do remember to turn off your mobile phone before boarding the aircraft because everyone will blame you when the plane crashes. Remember the preflight announcement? “Turn off any electronic devices as it may interfere with the aircraft navigation equipment.”

*When seating in economy class remember that personal space is a premium and needed to be respected at all times. Avoid reclining your seat before take-off or during landing. Remember, you are inside an airplane, not a Victory Liner bus.

*It is perfectly fine to take off your shoes during along flight and people would not mind but make sure that your feet don’t smell like a skunk as the plane is an enclosed space.

*The low humidity levels of outside air being supplied to the cabin can cause drying of the eyes which can irritate wearers of contact lenses.

*And finally, no, they do not serve hard drinks for breakfast. Look on the bright side, you should avoid them including coffee and tea as they act as diuretics. It is best to stay hydrated during a long flight so diuretics are a no no.


J@n!ce said...

Carlo, I rem a trip to bangkok when my canvas luggage with side zipper was opened up. My beach slipper was gone together with a couple of other replenishable items. The worst horror is that the bag smell of some animal's pee. Could be the police sniffer dogs? OMG. You can imagine how my trip has been ruin :(

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Colleen said...

You always give great advice! I'm headed to China in 2 1/2 weeks. Any advice for Macao? Hope Kuala Lumpur is awesome!

vinayan said...


travelphilippines said...

haha goodthing my feet smells good hehe