Friday, August 31, 2007

Missionary Route Airlines in the Philippines

It’s time now to take away the limelight to those mainstream airlines here in the Philippines (PAL, Air Philippines and Cebu Pacific) for the mean time and let’s focus on those humble airlines offering the so called “missionary routes” which big airline companies find unprofitable so they are shying away from them. Another reason for mainstream airlines “abandoning” the missionary routes is that their jet aircraft is not suitable for short runways.

One of my friend wants to go to Siargao but she’s having second thoughts because of the possible hassles on going there through Butuan via PAL or Cebu Pacific. She doesn’t know that SEAIR flies directly to Siargao via Cebu.

The Mindanao provinces of Jolo and Tawi-Tawi are now very accessible for foreign or even local tourists from Luzon and Visayas also throughthe help of SEAIR or Asian Spirit Airlines via Zamboanga.

The promo fare of the two airlines for Siargao, Jolo and Tawi-Tawi starts at 1,019 pesos excluding taxes and fuel surcharge.

In Luzon, SEAIR even flies to Batanes and Baler in Aurora province. Asian Spirit on the other hand flies to Masbate, Virac in Catanduanes and San Fernando in La Union.

Footnote: I found the photographs featured above at … check out their other cool airplane photos.


dodongflores said...

Hey, that's an important piece of information!!!
I was in travel agency before and was updated about all of this kind of thing.
Now, I'm virtually outdated. Thanx for sharing this information...

Emmyrose said...

SEAIR actually has a lot of promo, my friends and I availed of their Leisure Escape Promo for Bora & Palawan. It's pretty cheap and ok naman ang services nila.

kegler747 said...

@ dodong: Your very welcome

@ emmyrose: Thanks for the info. I didn't know about their Escape Promo, il check it out.

Novice Blogger said...

Now I know that even airplanes have the missionary style! Hehe.

kegler747 said...

@ novice blogger: Everything has a missionary style ;)