Thursday, November 15, 2007

My Views on How to Have a Memorable Travel

  • Before embarking on a once in a lifetime adventure in a place or country that you don't know where to find in a globe, always try to research and take time to know the local culture by blending in with the locals. It pays most of the time to be observant with your new and unusual surroundings and take a cue from that on what to do next. You have to experience how locals live, what they eat and what are their interests.
  • When you think your research didn't made fruitful answers it is always fine to talk to local residents as they obviously know their own culture and city. A guidebook might tell you that the shop around the corner is the best place where to dine or shop but many locals have different opinions so take consideration their inputs.
  • Many of us are guilty of this... as much as possible avoid rushing from one tourist attraction to another in an Amazing Race attempt to see it all. In the first place it is uneconomical so in my opinion it is better to savor and enjoy to the fullest just one or a few sites that to visit all what the guidebook says just to cross them in your "To Visit" list.
  • Always be unconventional by trying new things. One way to do that is to eat bizarre foods and trying local wine or drinks. When choosing where to stay avoid those international brand chains, better yet try in the local hotels, hostels or bed-and-breakfast.
  • Undoubtedly, it is fun (but not always recommended) to make a fool of yourself while enjoying your brief stay in a place or a country. Anyways, those people who are witness to your "acts" will not likely be there when you got home.
There you go... hope these tips made sense :)


LAWSTUDE said...

Good tips and a nice blog you got in here. I enjoyed your posts, take care.

kegler747 said...

@ lawstude: Thanks :)

dodong flores said...

Great tips! I was wondering why you posted this last week yet after a few minutes, you deleted it. I'm glad you posted this back. Thanx for sharing :)

towr said...

I agree, we always need to do research before travelling!

I love research! lol