Thursday, November 29, 2007

I'm off to Dumaguete & Siquijor... ill be back in a jiffy

I love long weekends!!! (who doesn't)... Tomorrow is a non-working holiday and I used one of my few remaining vacation leaves so I can have a 4-day vacation. This time I will be in Negros Oriental and the beautiful island province of Siquijor. I'm saving the best for last so this will be my last trip for the year. Never been to Dumaguete City and Siquijor so I have no pictures yet to show you here in this post.

Cambugahay Falls in Siquijor (picture taken from

Apo Island (picture taken from


dodong flores said...

Good luck to your trip. Hope to see more photos and narrative in your comeback :)

J@n!ce said...

Beautiful pictures. Have fun :)

Janice Ng

chilly said...

Check out my blog "On The Bricks".
You've been tagged. LOL!
Hope you'll join in and play the game. :)

ian said...

travel light, sleep tight, don't let the aswangs bite hehe

safe journey to central visayas!

Shemah said...

Really beautiful!! I wish I could be there this minute! Oh well, hopefully one of these days my daydreams will come true. :D


kegler747 said...

@ Dodongflores: Thanks dodong!

kegler747 said...

@ janice: Thanks Janice! said...

nice pics can you add my blog too pls