Thursday, January 10, 2008

It's Raining Sale!!!

For some reasons I think brought about by the deregulation of air travel with the help of competition and demand-and-supply the 3 major Philippines-based air carriers Cebu Pacific (domestic and international), Air Philippines (domestic) and Philippine Airlines (domestic) simultaneously have their own seat promotions. Whew! I'm now very torn when and where to go to take advantage of these seasonal offerings, additionally I'm confused what airline to choose.

I now truly believe that our country is being dominated by Chinese businessmen that the Chinese traits and beliefs in business are being adapted in this country because you will see the lucky number "8" everywhere. There's nothing wrong with that... In fact, I'm thankful because a domestic seat goes as low as 8 pesos and 888 pesos for Asian destinations.

I will no longer mention the different terms and mechanics on how to avail of the low fares being offered by the 3 airlines as I already mentioned them in my previous posts. Just visit their websites and book online to find out more.

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