Monday, July 23, 2007

Another Great Reason to Fly

Low-cost airline Cebu Pacific (CEB), has reduced its ‘Go’ fares for most of its domestic routes which is available all-year round.

The lowest one-way fare you can get for the Manila-Laoag and Manila-Legaspi sectors including taxes and surcharges is less than P900.

One-way year-round fare from Manila to most Visayas destinations (and vise-versa) was reduced from P568 to P288 (excluding taxes and surcharges). The all-inclusive year-round fare for Visayas is now less than P1,300 one-way.

The year-round one-way fare for services from Manila to any Mindanao destination (and vise-versa) is now P688 (excluding taxes and surcharges) or P2,000+ for a one-way all inclusive fare.

One of the airline's objectives is to stimulate air travel and target bus and ferry patrons. I advise everyone to buy their tickets as early as possible (ideally at least a month before intended travel date) to get the best availability of the low fare offerings.


THE ANiTOKiD said...

Pag ako nahilig sa pagiikot ng mundo, isasama kita bro! :) Where do you find stuffs like these! Wow! You are indeed a traveler! A world-class one, if I may say so! Do keep the juicy posts coming! I eagerly await your articles. And I kid you not!

kegler747 said...

@anitoklid: I like what you're thinking. It's fun to travel :)

canDIshhh said...

I'm soooo glad they're offering cheap fares! Sana tuloy tuloy!

Anonymous said...

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