Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Boeing unveils a "Green" mid-size passenger aircraft

The world's leading aircraft manufacturer launched a new major passenger aircraft model for the 1st time in 13 years. And the 787 Dreamliner model might replace the Boeing 737 as the new workhorse for short- to mid-range destinations with special emphasis on point-to-point travel as opposed to the Airbus A380 hub-to-hub business model. Up to date, Boeing has received more than 600 firm orders for the Dreamliner. It is a safe number for the model to be viable.

Boeing needs to cash in on the soaring demand for the Dreamliner. It needs to double its effort to satisfy its launch customers as word-of-mouth from airlines means a lot to the aircraft industry.

Many airlines chose the Dreamliner because of better business sense because the aircraft company promised increased fuel efficiency and cost savings, including making flying environment-friendly. The aircraft is of conventional design with low sweptback wings and two underwing pylon mounted engines.

The design's main objective is to allow airlines to fly directly to smaller airports avoiding the need for passengers to transfer flights to regional destinations.

Hope to ride on one :)

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