Saturday, July 7, 2007

Thank you Mindanao Bloggers!

I am very honored because of the chance given to yours truly by Mindanao Bloggers ( for making me a contributor/author for its blogsite. I feel that I'm kinda an outsider in their circle of bloggers as I have no direct association with Mindanao as I am raised in the concrete jungle of Metro Manila, my mother is from Isabela province and my father is from Iloilo.

The only time I can immerse with the culture and life of the people of Mindanao is through my travels and that is what I intend to contribute to Mindanao Bloggers. I pretty much covered the Luzon and Visayas area and now I am starting to discover the beauty of Mindanao. Up to date, I have been to only 4 provinces of Mindanao but will definitely visit new places there and probably visit Davao and Camiguin again. My close friends all know that Camiguin is so far my favorite province the entire Philippine Islands and some of them now have plans to go there thru my marketing ability.

I want to thank Mr. Blogie Robillo of Mindanao Bloggers for opening the door for a novice blogger to contribute to the blogsite.

I want to invite all the visitors of my blog to also visit Mindanao Bloggers to find anything and everything about Mindanao.

More power to Mindanao Bloggers!
Proud to be a Mindanao Blogger!

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