Friday, July 27, 2007

Travel Tips to Live By

the coolest airplane in the world!

1. Positive Attitude - No matter what happens on your trip, it is your story to tell. Don’t let bad incidents ruin your whole experience. Don’t let others bring you down. You worked hard to get to this point and you deserve to enjoy it.

2. Patience - You will not make every train, bus, ferry and airplane. Instead of getting angry, take the time to explore your surroundings, get a cup of coffee. You will have to wait, but at least you are waiting in some exotic country!

3. Pack Light - Make sure your pack can fit on the plane as carry on luggage. If it is too big, take things out. Never take clothings that you wouldn’t be willing to throw out along the way (ex: bring old clothes).

4. Talk to People - Start talking to strangers on the plane trip, and don’t stop till you are home again. You will be very lonely if you do not allow yourself the chance to meet new people. You especially need to do this if you are traveling with a friend.

5. Keep a Journal - You will learn a lot about yourself on this journey. Document what you see and who you meet. Make writing in it a habit from the first day, and don’t be lazy. You will appreciate your efforts in ten or twenty years.

6. Take Pictures - Bring home the proof that you went cliff diving. No matter what kind of photographer you are, pictures you take mean a lot more than postcards and books. And take more pictures of people rather than objects. Or combine them.

7. Be Flexible - No matter how long you are gone, and what you see, there will always be new places to go. Allow room in your schedule to follow up on travel leads gained on the road.

8. Be Independent - If you think you are unable to go to Europe alone, GO! If you are traveling with a friend, do things by yourself too. Time apart will reduce stress in the relationship and open you up to the people around you.

9. Be Confident - Always maintain confidence in your ability to get from one place to another, whether across the continent or the city. Even if you don’t know what you are doing, confidence can cover this up. You will appear strong and driven. Note, this is a great way to deter thieves.

10. Be Yourself - You will meet a lot of people on your trip. Be yourself, and allow them to enjoy the company of a great guy/girl

H A P P Y T R A V E L I N G !

These tips were taken verbatim from: click me


Simply Bananas said...

This is all great advice, thanks for shareing.

CraveThought said...

Definitely agree with keeping a journal as you travel. It provides a deeper insight than photos would, and if you're a blogger/journalist, it keeps your writing sharp!

kegler747 said...

@simply bananas: You're very welcome

Ary said...

Wow! great tips! Jet setter indeed!

ian said...

uy, thanks for the tips, carlo!

panalo yung listahan mo. mayayari lang ako sa Travel Light. waterloo ko ang mag-impake! and it doesnt help na a) 35 days yung trip ko at b) di ko masyadong type maglaba hehe

isang malaking gud lak sa akin! =]

salamat muli! ligtas na paglalakbay!

THE ANiTOKiD said...

Loved the plane's design! Wow! It is definitely a cool ride! And oh! Great tips, my friend!

sir jorge said...

great advice great post

kegler747 said...

to all: thanks for the encouraging comments

Angel said...

Thanks for your travel tips. It's also good to read up on the places that you will go to whether by buying a guidebook or surfing the net. That way, you will have a better idea of what to expect and you can prepare for the trip better. Also, double your money and bring only half the number of clothes you think you will need.

kegler747 said...

@ ary: Thanks

@ angel: Yup, good tips you got there. Thanks for sharing it :)

gilda said...

well said. i think everyone should remember those tips, for normal life too!!