Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Transformers... two "hinlalaki" up!

(Disclaimer: I have really no intention to write this particular post as it is not inline with the theme of my travel/The Simpsons blog. But due to insistent Bianca demand here it goes...)

One lazy Saturday morning I received an SMS from my very good friend Ziella Bianca insisting that we should watch Transformers as she claimed that her friends enjoyed the movie very much. I'm having second thoughts as all I want to do for that day is just watch tv, eat and have a siesta.

Oh well, how can you resist a persistent woman. In return she promised that she will accompany me to the Simpsons Movie. In other words, of I go that afternoon to Alabang Town Center for the 6:35pm screening. Work was cut out from me as Bianca said that she already bought the tickets but when I arrive at about 4pm she's panicking claiming that she can't find the tickets. After a laborious search of her bag and other belongings she remembered that she forgot to claim the tickets from the selling counter (I just kept silent and smiled as I'm used to that situation... It happens to everyone, right???... hehehe)
(if your name is ziella bianca and reading this post I have only one thing to say..."peace!").

Concerning the movie itself, if you have a Y chromosome built within you, I guarantee that it's worth the effort and money to see the movie at least once. I love fighter planes, cars, big trucks, robots and all other things shiny for that matter. To summarize it all "I love the movie" as I am a special effects junkie, I can confidently say that
the film feature one of the most spectacular action and effects sequences of any movie at least for the first part of this year.

Those robots with a metal brain and probably also with a metal heart knows how and when to be funny in their own little (or big) ways.


wanderinggoddess said...

i super love it!!! brings back the memories of my childhood.

kegler747 said...

yup, i agree!

bianca said...

u coud've left out the part where i "almost" lost our tickets, ya know?? nice one, though;)

Ary said...


Novice Blogger said...

Connected pa rin sa travel to bro. Kasi ginagamit pa rin ang transformers na pangtravel. Nyehehe!

kegler747 said...

@novice blogger: U have a good point. Hehehe. I wish i can ride them to go places.